Coal Mining

We at Rockshore understand the Coal commodity well and its sources. We also have viable interests in the mines of Indonesia in Kalimanthan and Sumatra Areas with Close Contacts in PLN and other Private Power Plants in Indonesia which allows some of these mines to operate in Captive Capacity.

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Logistics Solutions

Rockshore offers dedicated shipping services for most of our shipments. This helps our buyers and end users to manage their production lines better.

At the same time, this allows us to control our sales in a more effective manner as well as to tap on our in-house shipping experience to service the trade.

Consultancy on Trading

Rockshore offers consulting services on trade facilitation if they do not have offices or personnel in Asia.

As we are strategically-located in Singapore, we are able to help overseas traders looking for expansion in their trading activites.

Risk Management

As a responsible trader, we have established policies to help us manage business risks like counterparty, credit, market and regulatory.

Financing Solutions

With proven financial performance and development support from major financial institutions, Rockshore is able to help structure and provide both short-term and long-term financing solutions