Products traded include a large variety of coal with Gross Calorific Values (GCV) of:

4800 kcal/kg-6300 kcal/kg i.e. High Calorie Coal, and

3400 kcal/kg-4800 kcal/kg i.e. Low Calorie Coal

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Ferrous Metals

Products traded include:

TMT bars, ready-made steel, corrosion-resistant steel, structural steel and hot-rolled coils,

Fine low-grade and high-grade lump iron ore as well as pellet feed and pellets

Non-Ferrous Metals

Products traded include:

Primary aluminium, foundry, copper, nickel and automotive components

Edible Oils

Products traded include:

Crude palm oil, RBD palmolein, palm fatty acid distillates and soya bean oil

Global Coal Trading

Rockshore adds value by trading the physical commodities reliably, efficiently and responsibly. We source our coal commodities South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Russia and the USA, which we deliver on-time and on specifications/ grades to our customers all over the world.