About Us

growing commodity trading company

Rockshore Trading Pte Ltd is a Singapore headquartered international commodity trading house established in 2017. We have the vision to become a leading global integrated commodities group. Our core business involves the trading of coal, agricultural commodities, edible oils, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We are entrepreneurial by nature and possess a rigorous approach to risk, compliance, and financial prudence. Rockshore also strategically partakes in investment management activities, with the objective of complementing our core trading business.

Management Team

UL Sridhar

Operations & Risk Management

He is a results-driven professional with 30 years of experience and he presently manages the Thermal Coal operations in Singapore. He has 17 years in the international trading of steel and the remaining 13 years trading coal. He has a vast knowledge of the market environment which is instrumental in helping customers minimise their exposure in the commodity trading business.

Manish Gulati

Trade & Business Development

With over 25 years of Experience in Commodity Trading & Shipping having extensive knowledge of Global Business Environment associations with Agricultural and Coal related Businesses. In the past has been running 100% Export Oriented Milling Plant manufacturing and Processing Rice for Developed Markets Like USA, UK, European Union Super Markets and various Importers in the Middle East. He was also heading a leading Shipping Organisation adding Logistics as an Additional Expertise. The last decade has been dedicatedly involved in Trading Energy Related Products out of Singapore and Indonesia.

Fannie Tanudjaja

Indonesian Representative

Over 10 years experience in coal trading. Wide network within the coal industry with strong relationships with major coal suppliers. 3 years of experience in heading export and shipping line in coal mine with a focus on cross regional trade across Asia. Bachelor's Degree in Business from Michigan, USA.


Four Pillars


We not only drive our Top Line, but also endeavour to grow as an Organisation to Regions and Products.


We acknowledge Human Resource as most valuable for our organisation and our Performance is always collective as a TEAM.


While we are constantly engaged in Increase of our Bottom Line, we create an environment conducive for a win-win situation for all our Trading Partners.


By Collaborating and adding Value are we able to Grow Long Term Relations with Our Customers based on Credibility and Trust.


Rockshore Trading Pte Ltd is one of the fastest-growing commodity trading companies in Singapore. From its humble beginning in September 2017, we have grown to a USD 300M company by August 2019.

Our portfolio of commodities cover Energy (thermal coal), Agriculture (palm oil, palm olein and stearin and soybean) and Infrastructure (steel and copper) and we have business networks in China, India, USA, Japan, Australia, Netherlands and Singapore.

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